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As we get closer to the ship date of Eclipse Luna, I’m counting down the 10 features of Eclipse 2014 that I’m most excited about. Number 9 on my list is a feature that’s close to my heart, graphical modelling. The Sirius project combines modelling and graphical editors – an area that I spent several years of my life studying. Via
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Children are curious by nature: they explore, question, wonder, and by doing so, learn. From the moment of their birth, likely even before, humans are meant to learn new things. When we are curious about something new, we want to explore it. Via
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One subject worth mentioning is the different talks that showed how to integrate your xtext editor into a graphical modeler/form field. There were 4 of them that specifically touched following subjects: embedded editors for SWT, graphical views, graphical modeling and Sirius integration. My personal favorite was the one on Sirius. Via
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The freshly open-sourced Sirius project is integrated in the release train this year. It provides a new interpretative approach and comes with a Viewpoint feature. Via Eclipse newsletter...

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EclipseCon France 2014 will start shortly! But before tell you more about this new conference, here is a short flashback of EclipseCon North America illustrated with some pictures and tweets. Almost 600 people attended to the 2014 edition. With 14 tutorials and 120 sessions, the program targeted all the main Eclipse topics: Java 8, Internet of Things, Web development, modeling, etc. Six Obeo representatives traveled to San Francisco. Obeo will rock #eclipsecon this year! — Freddy Allilaire (@allilaire) March 12, 2014 For us, it was the opportunity to tell you all about the most recent Sirius project features: the 1.0 version is due for next June! Goulwen presented the Sirius poster with: principles, key points and the differents case-studies. The Obeo team was very active in the conference program, here are a few tweets about our presentations: Ecore Tools 2.0 at #eclipsecon is now based on Sirius and provide pl...
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