[TNO-ESI Symposium] Thales & Obeo will share their experience about Capella in Eindhoven

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On October 3rd, Thales and Obeo will be gathered in a shared booth at the TNO-ESI Symposium 2017 in Eindhoven, to talk about their collaboration that connect them since 10 years, particularly via the Open Source solution Capella: the success story of a cooperation between a multinational as Thales and an ambitious SME creating open and innovative softwares as Obeo.


This solution is a comprehensive tool of Model-Based Systems Engineering integrating a tool-based methodology, Arcadia. Developed by Thales with the support of Obeo, Capella combines the opening and the simpleness of a ready to use solution. No need to be an industrial expert to use it.


The TNO-ESI Symposium is a one day free event, dedicated to the managing complexity in embedded systems engineering. It will include 2 key-notes, several talks, and an innovation market where Thales & Obeo will present some Capella demos: 

  • Embedded methodological guidance
  • Function-Structure-Interface integration
  • Modes and states impact analyses
  • Complexity management
  • Productivity tools
  • Multi-viewpoint trade-off analysis
  • Document generation
  • Team collaboration
  • Customization and extensibility


Join us to our shared booth to see this demos about Capella!


Meanwhile, let see the Capella website to find industrial examples that implement this solution.

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