Capella events from all over the world!

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From Monday 12th to Friday 16th, there were plenty of events that were rich with online MBSE events from all over the globe, we had the pleasure to attend talks about Eclipse Capella and MBSE in Asia, Europe, India, and the USA!


 So which events were Capella included in?

We hoped you enjoyed these recent webinars and web conferences as much as we did, if you want to learn more on Capella and MBSE, or would like to stay up to date on any upcoming webinars (such as our next Capella webinar will be presented by Stephane Lacrampe on the 20th of May), workshops, or web conferences, follow us on our social media!

And of course, if you have any questions concerning Capella, send us a message on our socials, we would love to talk about your Capella Journey.


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