[Capella Day Stuttgart] A Systems Engineering Conference on March 13th

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Organized by Obeo and Thales, a Capella Day will be held in Stuttgart on March 13th. This one-day conference will be full dedicated to Capella, the open source Model-Based Systems Engineering solution. Bringing together the community of Capella and Arcadia, Capella Day is a unique opportunity to meet the Capella ecosystem’s members and to learn from their expertise.


Thanks to Capella Day, you will deepen your knowledge of the Capella workbench or, if you're new to the community, discover the latest plugins and extensions that will unleash the potential of Capella: documents generation, collaborative work or simulation.


At the agenda of Capella Day:

  • presentation of Capella and its ecosystem,
  • presentation of Capella add-ons,
  • concrete industrial use-cases.


Want to learn more about Capella and Capella Day? Feel free to visit the dedicated page. There, you will be informed about the upcoming complete program. Also, do not hesitate to follow @Capella_Arcadia on twitter and/or the Capella Linkeding Group if you want to be up-to-date with the latest news.



STUTTGART l 13TH OF MARCH 2018 l 9:15 AM TO 5:15 PM


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