Towards the single source of truth with Publication for Capella and Cloud for Capella

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Thursday, May 27th, 2021, Obeo organized a Capella Webinar.

This webinar has ended, but feel free to watch the recording.


While MBSE has a growing momentum, transforming engineering practices is still a major challenge today.


The Capella tool, through multiple feedbacks and its rapid adoption by the systems engineers community, constitutes a major enabler for the success of this journey. The Arcadia method plays a significant role, by offering a pragmatic vision of MBSE, centered on the practices and concerns of systems engineers.

The holy grail of the single source of truth is at hand. But a tool like Capella is part of a larger ecosystem of engineering tools. The next challenge is now to make this repository of system data available to all stakeholders and to break down the silos between our engineering activities.



This webinar, after having introduced the problem, will illustrate how Publication for Capella and Cloud for Capella contribute to making the single source of truth a dream come true.


This Webinar will be presented by the Co-founder of ObeoStéphane Lacrampe is the director of the North American subsidiary of Obeo in Vancouver, Canada. MBSE enthusiast Arcadia/Capella evangelist, and Open Source advocate, Stéphane is also an active INCOSE member.


Thursday, May 27th, 2021

  • Europe: 4 pm UTC+1 (London) | 5 pm CET (Paris)
  • America: 8 am PDT (San Francisco) | 11 am EDT (New York)
  • Brazil: 12 pm BRT (Rio de Janeiro)