The Open Group Summit 2024 - Ecosystems Architecture & AI Standards

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Unleashing Innovation: The Intersection of Enterprise Architecture, Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability 

Edinburgh, UK | April 22-25, 2024


The Open Group Summit: Ecosystems Architecture & AI Standards 

We will be present at this event on interesting topics with speakers who will address relevant themes. Do not hesitate to contact Jean-Luc Merelli to discuss enterprise architecture in real life at this conference.


Monday, April 22: Ecosystems Architecture & AI Standards

On the first day of the summit, the emphasis will be on addressing the dual challenges presented by the evolving landscape of hyper-enterprise systems and the expansion of AI. It will explore the indispensability and significance of standards in managing the advancements in these systems.


Tuesday, April 23: Sustainability / Enterprise Architecture / EA & AI / Digital Transformation

On the second day of the summit, attention will be directed towards several fundamental topics. This will involve a deeper examination of the roles played by Enterprise Architecture (EA) and industry standards, along with an exploration of how IT professionals and businesses are navigating the challenges posed by the digital transformation, while simultaneously addressing the imperative for greater sustainability and emission reduction.


Wednesday, April 24: Morning workshop: Using AI to Address the Demands of Ecosystems Architecture

The workshop aims to showcase the vital importance of AI tools in meeting the requirements of Ecosystems Architecture. It will elucidate the evolution of thought away from traditional architectural principles, detailing the reasons behind this shift.