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  Toulouse, aerospace capital city, will hold EclipseCon France from June 7th to 9th: the perfect occasion to discover the new Eclipse Neon innovations. We hope that many of you plan to come and are looking forward to talk about Eclipse Sirius 4.0. It will also deal with Capella, a graphical modeling technology developed by Thales for Systems, Software and Hardware Architects Not registered yet? It’s still time! Register now With 3 talks, 1 workshop, 1 booth, and 7 experts: Obeo will be once again at the core of the conference! Let’s meet at ‘The Pink City'!...
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A few weeks ago I ended up on the following thread on the EMF Forum asking for Ecore meta-model formal documentation?. Ed pointed at some documentation which includes diagrams done with great care but done with tools from another era. As the maintainer of EcoreTools I had to do something about it, and so I did: All participants in the Ecore Modeling Framework implement the EObject's interface Tadaa! The following diagrams have been created thanks to EcoreTools which is part of the Eclipse Modeling Package. All the hard work has been done earlier by Ed when he had to decide what to display and how, all I did is reproduce those using EcoreTools and exporting those at a fairly high resolution (click on the images to get the full resolution). The corresponding patchset for EMF is here. But beside this anecdotic action there is something interesting and more general in how these diagrams are presenting the Ecore.ecore model. Ecore Components Ed starts by diagramming the type hiera...
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  We are excited to announce the release of Sirius 3.1!   Discover Sirius 3.1 Cool Innovations   Build awesome diagrams with new graphical options, including compartments and customized border styles   For a better visualization experience, download Sirius 3.1 and follow our new tutorial!   @Obeo_Corp     #EclipseSirius...
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Launched in 2013, the Eclipse Sirius project has now gathered an active community. So, it is now the perfect time to meet up! SiriusCon 2015 will be the first international conference dedicated to the Sirius technology. This one-day free event will propose two tracks for both beginners and advanced Sirius users who will share best practices, insights, case studies, and innovations. By joining this community event, you will definitely learn a lot about Sirius! If you have interesting topics to say and to show about Sirius, we invite you to propose a talk. We are interested in: Testimonies about how Sirius is used in your working context. Extensions of Sirius technology to meet specific or general purpose needs. Other cool stuff with Sirius! The proposed format is 30 minutes (25' for the presentation + 5' for questions). Just drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for submitting an abstract of your presentation. The submission deadline is Friday October 16th 2015...
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advanced tutorial for Sirius
An advanced tutorial for Sirius has been published: from the result of the Starter Tutorial, it will guide you extending a basic modeling tool with advanced features of Sirius: Edition tools: edge creation, edge reconnection, element deletion, label edition Graphical improvements: SVG images, styles customization Complexity management: layers, filters, validation rules, quick fixes Other kinds of representations: containers, bordered nodes, tables, navigation between representations Extensions: Java services   This tutorial was initially presented during EclipseCon France 2015. It has been updated with Sirius 3.0....
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