A successful edition for SiriusCon Paris 2017

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Once again, for the third consecutive edition, SiriusCon went too fast! We looked forward to attending this international conference on graphical modeling for a long time, and now we can't wait to organize the next one.


This 2017 edition gathered a lot of people, who came from 11 different countries (some of them even came from NORTH AMERICA!), and it was a pleasure to have all of them among the Sirius community. At SiriusCon 2017, every attendees, from beginner to advanced users, enjoyed several presentations with a specific focus on Eclipse Sirius itself, others about companion technologies and feedback from users who used these technologies to build their custom tools! We would like to thank all the speakers for their great contribution to the Sirius community.

We were pleased to welcome Mike Milinkovich, the executive director of the Eclipse Foundation, who introduced the conference with a Keynote. He has an unique perspective regarding what happened in the Software Industry the last decade and how Open-Source enabled worldwide collaborations.


Around these talks, there were other attractive contents, among which the demonstrations booth, the connected 4 game designed with Sirius, the two tutorials to either discover or create a modeling tool for a Mindstorms Robot...! There was also the Sirius Clinic where more than 15 participants benefited from the Sirius Doctor precious advices. It became a not-to-be-missed meeting where attendees can solve their issues on their own projects with the help of modeling experts.

This event was also a great opportunity to get in touch with the community, chat with other users, or get some direct help from the team behind the technology. Either you attended SiriusCon or not, you can find out the slides of the presentations on slideshare.



You can enjoy some goods moments of SiriusCon 2017 by looking at the photos and the storify:

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