Sirius 4.0 Gotta Catch ‘Em All: Fully operational battle station!

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Finally, with Sirius 4.0, some newly introduced components are declared fully operational.


Sirius 3.1 came with the possibility to create compartments where you can group and stack your model elements. The way your data is represented is better structured and the information is easier to understand. With Sirius 3.0, it was already possible to create compartments, but we had introduced it as an “experimental” feature since some behaviors were not supported yet. Today compartments are fully operational.


We completed our work on the internationalization. Now the runtime strings are externalized and a dedicated mechanism exists for the odesign files.
 To catch all the new features coming with Sirius 4.0 have a look to the slides of our talk at EclipseCon France! Another chance for you to join the Sirius community, SiriusCon will occur in Paris the 15th November 2016. Be sure to save the date!

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