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Obeo on the way to EclipseCon Europe

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Obeo will be once more at EclipseCon Europe, the major european event of Eclipse ecosystem. 8 Obeo members will attend the conference. EclipseCon Europe takes place from October 29 to 31 in Germany. There, you will definitively hear about the lastest in the Obeo series: Sirius, the new Eclipse project for graphical modeling. 4 talks will deal with it:

Need more? On wednesday evening, a Sirius BOF will be organized with demos, tests and talks about this new project.

In the conference program, 3 other Obeo talks are scheduled:

This year, Obeo is happy to be one of the conference sponsors. If you planned to attend, take the time to join us at our booth. It will be a pleasant time to discover Obeo activities around Eclipse and to discuss about your needs.

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