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Capella, the MBSE solution, is well represented in the latest Eclipse Newsletter of December, with no less than six attractive articles that describe the industrial needs addressed by this solution, its methodology and features, and its ecosystem (add-ons, related technologies, working group, etc.).


  1. The first article introduces the others, presenting the main benefits of a Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach to take the challenges of complex systems engineering, with a focus on Capella which implements a field-proven MBSE method.
  2. The second focus on the Arcadia method, on which Capella is based. Arcadia covers the methodology and the high-level conceptual ontology and viewpoints. Capella has been purposely-built to provide the notation and diagrams needed to create models that exactly fit with Arcadia’s approach.
  3. Then, next article is about Capella Studio, which is based on Kitalpha, an integrated development environment for the development of model-based workbenches. This IDE aims to develop viewpoints and add-ons for Capella. Capella Studio integrates the MBSE solution in order to access to all the Capella development artefacts (e.g. metamodels, diagrams, code), to enrich and customize them.
  4. In order to meet users’ demands since Capella was made Open Source in 2014, Obeo and Thales developed a number of Capella add-ons. Among these extensions, two main tools are developed in this article: Team for Capella, a tool to achieve real-time collaboration on Capella models and M2Doc, a recent open source document generation solution.
  5. The fifth article is dedicated to Eclipse Sirius, the easiest way to get a modeling tool, which leverages the Eclipse modeling technologies, including EMF for the model management and GMF for the graphical representation. Thanks to this Open Source technology, Thales developed Capella.
  6. Finally, the last article presents the Capella Industry Consortium. This Capella ecosystem, supported by Polarsys, gathers five companies developing complex systems and softwares, suppliers providing offers on the top of Capella, academics with a MBSE topic for research need. This working group aims to foster collaborations, share investment and best practices, and leverage Open Source Innovation to co-develop new MBSE capabilities.


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Mark your calendars that a Capella Day will take place on March 13th, 2018, in Stuttgart, Germany. Register now to this one-day event, full dedicated to Capella, made up of several attractive talk from industrial users. For details on this event and more, follow @Capella_Arcadia on Twitter.

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