Cybersecurity Assets & Threats Modeling with Capella

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Cybersecurity Assets & Threats Modeling with Capella


The increasing risk of cyberattacks on systems poses a significant threat to organizations and individuals worldwide. Effectively managing this risk requires close collaboration between systems and cybersecurity engineering teams.

Discover Darc, a new Capella add-on that enables systems engineers to model cybersecurity assets and threats:

  • Identify assets and trust boundaries,
  • Identify threats,
  • Characterize security needs.

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Presented by:

b2ap3_thumbnail_juan-navas.jpgJuan Navas - Modelling & Simulation Lead Expert at Thales

MBSE Expert in Thales Corporate Engineering, Juan Navas is a System Architect with more than 10 years’ experience. He holds a PhD in Computer Science, an MSc in control and computer science, and Electronics and Electrical Engineering Degrees.

b2ap3_thumbnail_sophie-plazanet.jpgSophie Plazanet - Model Based Systems Engineering Specialist at Thales
Sophie Plazanet has been working in System Engineering for several years, especially during the past 5 years in Thales. Passionate by MBSE, she joined in 2021 Thales Corporate Engineering where she is MBSE Coach, supporting the Thales’ engineering teams to adopt MBSE practices. She holds a Master of Engineering & Master of Research in Advanced Systems & Robotics (from Arts & Métiers ParisTech Engineering School).