Connecting textual requirements and Capella models

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SES ENGINEERING Studio: Achieving the perfect equilibrium between Textual Requirements and Models in Capella enhanced by Automatic Interoperability, Quality & Traceability operations.

The importance of models is imperative in any Systems Engineering project. However, truth is not exclusively found within models. The need to describe external contracts, regulations, or non-functional requirements, for instance, can be more efficiently satisfied by using textual specifications. In order to achieve the desired “Common Source of Truth”, model and textual requirements must be connected and coexist, desirable enhanced by the automatization of the consistency checking, automatically modifying one side when changes are produced on the other end...

Within The REUSE Company, we have realised how crucial it is to facilitate this connection and provide Systems Engineers with the tools required for applying SE across the entire process as seamlessly as possible. This solution is the SES ENGINEERING Studio, and within this webinar, the following capabilities will be shown:

- The SES ENGINEERING Studio offers the capability to assess consistency between textual requirements and Capella models.

- Automatic generation of Capella models from Textual Requirements inside an RMS (Requirements Management System). This also involves the possibility to complete the exact opposite operation, generating textual requirements from Capella models.

- Seamless traceability management between textual requirements (in any RMS) and model elements in Capella; This includes the possibility to automatically suggest traces based on the semantic content of the textual requirement.

- If the preferred option is to maintain these textual requirements inside Capella, we offer the possibility to provide a round-trip process between any RMS and Requirements Viewpoint within Capella; thus, allowing that modification at either end, to be synchronized.

- Automatic quality assessment of Capella models following a number of pre-established rules or allowing the users to define tailored rules.

- Automatic interoperability between SysML and Arcadia models.


b2ap3_thumbnail_jose-pereira.jpgJosé Pereira

Member of the Sales & Consulting Department within The REUSE Company - Responsible for the Temperature War Systems Engineering Use Case. - Systems Engineering Methodology thesis development. - Complete SE Use Case based on the INCOSE 15288 Standard. - 3 years of experience and supervised training under two members of the INCOSE Group, ASEP & CSEP. - Degree in Computer Science & Engineering.




José Fuentes

Chief Sales Manager of The REUSE Company - Former Product Manager of RQA and the Systems Engineering Suite - INCOSE CSEP Certified - Graduated in the INCOSE Institute for Technical Leadership - Active contributor to the INCOSE Guide for Writing Requirements - Other certifications: ITIL - Other interests: Project Management, Business Analysis, Risk Management

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