Connecting Capella and ModelCenter to Analyze System Architecture

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Watch the replay of the webinar (July 11th, 2023)

Connecting Capella and ModelCenter to Analyze System Architecture


Join us for an insightful webinar on the integration of Capella with engineering analysis using ModelCenter.

This webinar will showcase the utilization of Capella to create the systems architecture model and the use of ModelCenter to connect Capella to any engineering analysis tool for requirements verification and system optimization throughout the product life cycle. The webinar will also provide a forum for providing and garnering feedback on the features of the Capella connector and insights on roadmap initiatives. It will be an engaging webinar that fosters collaboration.

During this session, our expert presenters will demonstrate the seamless integration between Capella and ModelCenter, enabling the promise of MBSE. They will illustrate how this integrated solution empowers engineers and system architects to effectively design, analyze, and optimize complex systems by leveraging Capella's robust modeling capabilities and ModelCenter's comprehensive analysis and optimization features. During this demonstration, participants will engage in polls, and feedback sessions on the Capella connector.

Key Topics to be Covered:
- Introduction to Capella: A feature-rich modeling tool for system architecture design
- Overview of ModelCenter: An integrated analysis and optimization platform
-Integrating Capella with ModelCenter: Enabling efficient and collaborative MBSE workflows
- Demonstrating real-world applications of Capella and ModelCenter integration
-Engaging in a feedback session for MBSE implementation and best practices

Whether you are a systems architect, engineer, or a professional involved in system development, this webinar will provide valuable insights into leveraging Capella and ModelCenter to advance your MBSE implementation. Join us to explore the potential of this integrated solution and participate in an interactive session to share your experiences and learn from industry experts. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your MBSE practices and streamline your systems engineering processes and participate in the future of the Capella connector.


Presented by:

Alexandre LucAlexandre Luc - Senior Application Engineer at Ansys

Alexandre Luc works closely with sales engineers on pre-sales initiatives, from product demonstrations to opportunity assessments. He also provides training and post-sales support for Ansys Model-Based Engineering Solutions, supporting customers in their Digital Transformation journey.


Scott RagonScott Ragon - Product Manager at Ansys

Scott Ragon is MBSE Product Manager at Ansys. He has more than 20 years of engineering, modeling and simulation, and design optimization experience.

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