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Thursday, January 20th, 2022 5:00 PM CET / 11:00 AM EST   The slides of the presentation are available here: With such a name, Capella, the brightest star in the constellation of Auriga, was undeniably destined to meet space. Previously, it landed in the French Space Agency (CNES) to demonstrate that the current document-centric process can be improved by injecting a (huge) pinch of Capella models slightly extended by new features dedicated to system test specification. Applied on the “Space Variable Objects Monitor (SVOM)” operational use case, it helped the CNES in the definition and the validation of its future space system dedicated to the gamma ray detection and study. Proof being made, this experience propels Capella to another space company, Kinéis, created by CNES and CLS to strengthen the historical and reputed Argos IOT service, ensure its continuity, enhance its performance and continue to make it a strategic tec...

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Scripting with Python to interact with Capella model Have you ever wanted to easily extract engineering data from your Capella model? Have you ever wanted to easily modify your Capella model and import information into it to update it This webinar will present a prototype Capella Add on that will  address several example use cases Read information from a Capella model and export to Excel, with queries Update information in a Capella model Add elements in a Capella model This new Capella add-on uses a common scripting language, not dedicated to Capella: Python. It offers the capacity to use sample scripts addressing basic need and to build its own scripts, with libraries for common add-ons (Requirement, PVMT) It’s easy to share, to use, has high customization capabilities support of Capella and Team for Capella, wide compatibility with Capella versions  The webinar was presented by : - Sophie Plazanet  (Thales Group) - MBSE SpecialistMa...

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Thursday 2nd September 2021, Obeo organized a Capella Webinar This webinar has ended, but feel free to watch the recording.   When designing increasingly complex systems, engineers need to master the behaviour of the solution they will deliver, throughout the engineering life-cycle.  Arcadia and Capella MBSE practices allow them to share a common understanding of the foreseen solution and to secure the solution definition. In some cases, engineers need to execute their architecture models to early validate the specified behavior, to perform architecture tradeoffs and to provide a reference for further implementation.   This webinar, was presented by Pierre Nowodzienski, Simulation & Digital Twin expert at Thales, who presented how we address these needs by coupling the best-in-class architectural design practices provided by Capella with the powerful simulation capabilities provided by Matlab Simulink. If you are interested in discovering ne...

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Obeo SmartEA 6.2 est disponible. Découvrez les évolutions apportées par cette nouvelle version:
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Cette année encore, Obeo figure dans le Top 250 des éditeurs et créateurs de logiciels français. La croissance continue de la société confirme notre place parmi les grands acteurs hexagonaux. Plus globalement, nous constatons que les éditeurs tirent la croissance économique vers le haut. Avec une croissance de 6% par an sur ce panel (et de 20% cumulés sur les deux dernières années), le logiciel confirme son rôle de catalyseur de l’écosystème numérique. Retrouvez le résultat complet de l'étude sur le site