[Capella Webinar - 25th June] Academic research case of a lunar lander mission modelled with Capella

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MBSE and Capella are kind of everywhere, even on a space mission!

Astrobotics provides an end-to-end safe delivery service for payloads to the Moon. On each delivery mission to the Moon, those are integrated onto a single Peregrine Lunar Lander and then launched on a commercially procured launch vehicle.

Mateus Venturini has made researches about one of Garatéa’s mission, the Brazilian first attempt to send a probe to lunar orbit / surface, and its Astrobotic lunar landing vehicle(the Peregrine Lunar Lander).

The standard physical mounting interface for the payloads needs to be optimized for the specific mission profile.

On the 25th of June discover how ITA, through the work of Mateus Venturini, used Capella to optimize all the systems of the Peregrine Lunar Lander.


Europe: 4 pm UTC (London) | 5 pm CET (Paris)

North America: 8 am PDT (San Francisco) | 11 am EDT (New York)

Brazil: 12 pm BRT (Rio de Janeiro)

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